Max Fion is an Austrian princess elegant temperament , and his legendary woman , she was known as a pioneer of beauty , female biologist , female explorers, wise foresight , is confident, independent , freedom-loving women representatives.

Her story from an accidental adventure begins, during World War II , was still Princess Austrian biologist honey silk and dozens of American scientists and technicians in-depth mysterious American Amazon virgin forest adventure , accidentally discovered the world recognized as the most mysterious of the "kingdom of life ", the riparian formed from ancient sediments , ice fountain and several kilometers deep water mountains , as well as tens of thousands of rare and endangered species , resulting in a kind of common material - enriched new live micro- regeneration factor , because its volume than normal oxygen ions in the air thousands of times smaller , faster and more easily by natural biological environment to attract , encouraging bio , wake organs, Soho spirit exudes unparalleled freshness and vitality bring to full physical and spiritual creatures sublimation , so that there are thousands of plants where the life of the animal can live for decades , the surprise discovery , so as honey silk biologists first Austrian Princess time to realize that this substance on human aging has a magical effect.

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